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Tapped-In® Expansions Information

The Tapped-In® Expansions curriculum began out of a commitment to expand upon the foundation laid in the Tapped-In® Foundations curriculum.  After completing Tapped-In® Foundations (T1 + T2) there was a demand from many of our participants to deepen and further expand the learning they had received in the Foundations program.  After much thought, consideration and collaboration the Tapped-In® Expansions curriculum (T3 + T4) was created.

In the Expansions curriculum you will continue practicing the fundamentals you learned in the Foundations Curriculum while at the same tame expanding your leadership competencies and abilities to be able to reliably cause Stage 4 environments around you and move outcomes forward in a highly collaborative productive manner.

By the end of the Expansions curriculum people generate leadership “right where they are” and naturally and intuitively foster collaborative environments around them and in the organization as a whole.  These microcosms of leadership become contagious and naturally and effectively begin to spread through the organization or group.

The result is increased productivity, profit, satisfaction and harmony within the existing workforce.

The Expansions curriculum consists of the Tapped-In® Three and Tapped-In®Four programs and is delivered consecutively.  The prerequisite is having complete the Tapped-In® Foundations curriculum within the prior 12 month period.