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The Daily Boxes® app is designed so you can effectively manage and expand nine areas of life that are vital to your flourishing as a human being. You simply score yourself every day in each area on a scale from 1 to 5. By using The Daily Boxes® app you will create amazing new and unpredictable results in your life. You will expand your capacities in these vital areas and create new traits and behaviors that will impact your life profoundly. You will reap benefits you have not yet even considered.

World class athletes, artists and professionals have used this tool to achieve remarkable results and now the tool is available to everyone! When you first begin using the tool do not concern yourself with your progress. It is in the daily PRACTICE of using the tool that you will enjoy lasting accomplishment and achievements.

Consider that as human beings we have many conversations we entertain with ourselves and others throughout each day. The Daily Boxes® conversations are an opportunity for you to displace those conversations that are non-vital and engage vital and important conversations. As you use the Daily Boxes® app you will find they are holographic and all interrelated. It’s like having a room with 9 flood lights shining down and each circle of light overlaps the other such that there is no dark space; everything becomes illuminated.

Take just a minute or so each day to reflect and contemplate each BOX and score yourself. To accelerate or supercharge your results, share what you are noticing with your family, friends or peers. Do the daily PRACTICE and you will reap the rewards!

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